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Letters of recommendation from some of the very special families Marianne has been blessed to help...

When my husband was in his last months of living, Marianne Phoenix offered her services to us so that we could bring our dear Bob to a place of comfort and peace. The absolute unexpected hurdles that we were faced with and totally unprepared for, Marianne navigated us through with ease. Her knowledge and love was palpable and as deep as the ocean. From helping us fulfill Bob’s wishes to creating a loving environment  where we could be by his side in peace and comfort. While our hearts were breaking, Marianne was mending them simultaneously with her words of comfort and song.


Marianne was there for us. Always just a phone call, text or email away. Without her, Bob’s passing would have been a devastating horrible memory forever etched in our minds. We had Bob’s celebration of life with his family in Canada via Zoom as Covid prevented a gathering. She joined us all and uplifted everyone with reassurance and by singing for the family.

End of Life Doula’s are the gifts to our hurting world. The makers of peace, comfort and acceptance. Until Marianne, I did not know that these kind of Doula’s existed. Now I know that peace in the midst of sadness is possible and available to each and every one of us.

Beyond Thankful,

Pat and Christy Macarillo

On December 4, 2019 my mother-in-law of 19 years passed away.

Fear filled my heart as I watched the unfolding of that extremely sad day.

There was a light that was shining upon me and Roxanne Sullivan’s 3 children that dark day, and this angel's name is Marianne, or Mary Mae as we came to call her. Although I had just met her, my soul felt like I had known her forever. On one of the saddest days of my life, she was able to touch my heart by comforting my heart and spirit with her gentle and loving spiritual energy.

At around 2 PM on the day Roxanne died, we made a pinky promise that I would be there for her only son Jimmy because she knew how devastating her passing away would be to his entire world. Mary Mae was there for me at that moment and my heart will never forget it. She said that Roxanne was not ready to go at that moment, and she would pass when she was ready. She passed away 8 hours later around 10 pm. Mary Mae was able to bring a bit of laughter, song, comfort, and oceans of love to all of our hearts on that day and my soul will hold onto those touching moments forever.

In love and gratitude 🙏

David Fox

It is with complete gratitude that I compose and share my experience with Marianne Phoenix as my family’s guiding light. Without her presence, knowledge and love, the Gusto Family would literally have been lost in the darkness. Fearing everything when our mother was at the end of her physical life, Marianne brought our entire family to a place of understanding, acceptance and freedom to grieve in our own individual ways.


Over the years she loved unconditionally and accompanied not just for our mother, but, our father and brother when their time of departure came near. We never new what an End of Life Doula was until Marianne showed us how to live through death.

Clare Gusto Miller & Family

My experience with Marianne Phoenix is one I will always be thankful for.

In 2012, Marianne was the end-of-life Doula for my brother in law, Charles Kaimana’s lifelong partner Fritz Dietz. Dear Fritz had kidney cancer. Fritz declined any medical intervention and Charles was devastated that Fritz chose not to “fight”.


Marianne’s natural gift of love and ability to fulfill the wishes of Fritz, while at the same time, loving Charles to acceptance I’m sure was divinely directed.


When Fritz passed, Marianne’s doula-ing was not over. Charles was devastated to lose the love of his life. She walked Charles through every step that needed to be taken. Marianne coordinated all funeral and burial arrangements and provided beautiful music with her husband, pianist Whitney Phoenix accompanying her as she sang.


Just three months after Fritz left us, dear Charles passed in his sleep. Because of this unexpected passing, the coroner took possession of the body. I, the closest next of kin, was notified. I flew in from Hawaii and I was greeted by Marianne. Someone I had never met before. With her guiding me on what to do next and how to do it, we were able to have my brother in law’s remains cremated and obtained all of the legal details and documents. We had only 48 hours to complete these necessary tasks as I had to be on a scheduled chartered flight back to Hawaii, and Charles had to be with me. With Marianne’s confident competence, we made it to the departure gate. I totally lost my composure after Marianne left and I cried like a baby.


There is no doubt in my mind that angels walk among us. Everyone at some point in their life needs guidance.


Marianne was our family’s guiding light.

Martha Kaimana

Help is on the way...

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