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For most people, the prospect of death is often frightening and confusing. There are so many questions and uncertainties that it all can feel so overwhelming. Be reassured…

Help is on the way.

What is an End-of-life Doula?

As an End-of-Life Doula, I am a facilitator and guide for all aspects of the dying process that the medical profession does not provide. I am able to lead the entire family (including the dying) into a natural and gentle acceptance of what is taking place.


Death is a sacred event and a fundamental part of life. I have more than 25 years experience, and I am here to help you embrace the sanctity of the process with confidence, not fear. Your family dynamics, beliefs, strengths and worries make your situation unique. I promise that I will approach your specific needs with compassion and experience, and I will help you create a comfortable, secure space and a peaceful, loving, supportive atmosphere. From practical questions about regulations and paperwork to managing challenging interpersonal relationships, I have the necessary skills to assist you. 

With love and respect,

Marianne (Mary Mae) Phoenix

The Peaceful Choice Doula


Allow me to be your trusted companion as you navigate this sacred journey. 


Services Offered by Marianne

Emotional Support

Spiritual Support

(encompassing all faiths and beliefs)

Respite Visits

Pre and Post Death Vigil

Help with Funeral Plans

Practical Support

(errands, shopping, administrative needs, advance directives, etc.)

Since the health and personal circumstances of each person and family are unique, the cost for end-of-life doula services are on a sliding scale. During our initial consultation, which will be at no cost to you, we will discuss your family’s individual needs and a custom package price will be determined.

All personal and medical information will be held strictly confidential.


“Fearing everything when our mother was at the end of her physical life, Marianne brought our entire family to a place of understanding, acceptance and freedom to grieve in our own individual ways.”

Clare Gusto Miller & Family

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